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Terms & Conditions

All complete new windows come with a 10 year guarantee. In all cases the guarantee will only be valid when items are paid for in full and where the windows or joinery items have been appropriately maintained and painted.

Upon acceptance of this quotation, the customer will have a 7 day cooling off period where they are entitled to cancel this contract.

It should be noted that this quotation is indicative and should you wish to proceed a preliminary inspection to confirm pricing will be undertaken. Joinery Northwest Ltd always reserves the right to return the customers deposit and not supply the windows or doors quoted for.

All general rubbish and waste products will be removed from site. Any old windows, doors, sashes or glass that are removed from your property will be left tidily in a location, on your premises, to be mutually agreed. Should you wish Joinery Northwest Ltd to remove these items then we requote for this.

Joinery Northwest Ltd will attempt to minimise any dust created. However, as a precaution we would suggest that all electrical equipment, sterile areas and difficulty to clean items are covered prior to us commencing work.

Please ensure that the work area surrounding each window or door that is to be installed is cleared and any blinds or curtains are removed.

The cost of window or door furniture is additional to the figure quoted unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

The customer must pay the stipulated deposit in advance in order to secure a start date.
The balance is then payable upon completion of the job.

Payment is due in full on the completion of the contract. However, should the customer wish to hold back a figure for snagging, the up to 5% of the total quotation can be paid by way of a 4 week post dated cheque.

Joinery Northwest Ltd will then ensure that all snagging issues are resolved within this 4 week period.

When fitting new windows Joinery Northwest Ltd will aim to minimise any damage to internal plasterwork and decoration. Should any internal damage to plasterwork and decoration occur, unless otherwise stipulated in this quotation, this will not be rectified as part of this quotation. E.g. Tiles and boxed out reveal need to be removed in order to fit new window. Window will be fitted and externally sealed but damage to tiles and boxing will not be repaired.

Joinery Northwest Ltd cannot be held responsible for movement or shrinkage of timber as wood is a natural product and can move with moisture and humidity, unless made from Accoya.

Joinery Northwest Ltd is not registered with a self certification scheme – should any building control certification be required this can be arranged (by Joinery Northwest Ltd if preferred) through the local authority at an additional cost to the customer.